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15 June 2020
The shop has now re-opened after the lockdown with sensible safety precautions in place, such as perspex counter screens, hand sanitisers and a restriction to the number of people allowed in-store at any one time.


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439 Coldharbour Lane Brixton London SW9 8LN

020 7738 4225


Monday to Saturday - 10.30-6.30

Sunday - 11.00-4.00

{left & 2nd left from Brixton tube }


rosa - bookmongers


We Buy & Sell

Literature / Plays / Poetry / History / Politics / Sociology / Women's Issues / Psychology / Sexuality / Health / Education / Sci-Fi Fantasy / Thrillers Romance / Crime / Horror / Science / Military Nature / Environment
Magic / Art / Astrology / Religion / Travel / Travel / Biographies / Sport / Crafts / Cookery / Gardening / Comedy / Cinema / Photography / Theatre Computer / Music Children Atlases / Dictionaries / Text / Books / Foreign Languages / First Editions / Rare and Old Books and...



rosa at bookmongersrosa and patrick at bookmongers



See The London Bookshop Map for a guide to the capital's independent book shops.



popeye the shop cat




01. The Book Monger

A short film
about the shop...


The Book Monger from The Keep.


02. The Mural

Work has now been completed on a painting of a 'trompe l'oeil window' featuring Patrick's much-missed former dog Leo and his current companion and everyone's best friend Rosa. It has been painted by local artist Wendy Coyne. The original is now on show at the back of the shop and a copy - the trompe l'oeil window - is in place on the wall outside the shop... awaiting removal of that scaffolding!

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